Our Work

Meeting the most basic needs so we can address the most important ones.

The Water Serve Foundation provides charitable aid, equipment and training to poverty and disaster-stricken communities in need of clean water, sanitation and relief from waterborne and propagated diseases.

Distributed 3,500 water filters in Nepal following the devastating 2015 earthquakes
Trained over 5,000 people in 150 communities on water filtration and hygiene
Installed filters in 12 community water supplies following the 2015 Nepal earthquakes
Coming in 2020: 50 TUBE TOILETS that will serve 1,000+ people
Installed filters in 6 community water supplies following the floods in Chennai, India
Locally sourced materials and labor are employed where possible to further help the struggling economies

Safe Drinking Water

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Poverty and natural disasters have left millions of people with only muddy creeks and stagnant ponds from which to drink. Each year, contaminants and waterborne illness are claiming the lives of millions, especially young children.

Water Serve tackles this crisis by distributing industry-leading water filters in India, Nepal and other countries (to international quality standard ISO 9001-2008), and then working one-on-one with community and church leaders to provide safe drinking water to those in need.

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Purchase the ZOEN filter from Water Serve

Take the ZOEN water filter on your next vacation, mission trip or business trip to a developing country. Even leave them with the people there when you leave, and give the gift of safe water. If you traveling in a group, contact us for a bulk order.


“Zoe” in Greek means “life.” ZOEN, the adjective form of the word, appears in the best known verse in the Bible, John 3:16, where the last two words are “eternal life.”


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THE TUBE TOILET will provide disaster and poverty-stricken communities with a practical solution for human waste disposal.

A single installation of this revolutionary composting septic system can safely contain waste from as many as 5 families for 10 years. Its patented design installs directly under the latrine floor, accomplishing the work of a standard USA septic system. And like our water filters, we’re sourcing the non-critical components in India and Nepal to support the local economies while keeping costs down.

Community Health

Community Health
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In poverty-stricken communities where formal jobs and education are scarce, micro entrepreneurs represent the majority of the small business sector.

Water Serve is working to create paths out of poverty for these would-be businessmen. One way we do that is by offering a high-capacity water purification system that entrepreneurs can use to build a business selling safe drinking water in their community, well below the going price of bottled water. Manufactured in India, our FILL STATION serves the dual purpose of providing a means for people to work their way out of poverty, while also making clean water available everywhere!