Who We Are

Water Serve is a charitable foundation dedicated to enriching lives around the world with clean water and healthy sanitation.
Vision. Mission. Purpose


People everywhere to understand they are created by a loving God, in His image for the purpose of knowing Him in a daily and eternal relationship through the Lord Jesus Christ.


Set people free from the physical and spiritual oppression and loss caused by water borne diseases so they will be capable of building a life with dignity and success.


To provide charitable aid to disadvantaged people in the form of water purifying equipment to train those people in its use to maintain continuous supplies of potable water from available sources. To protect water sources through the use of household septic systems and other health and community enhancing methods.

Where We Work

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Water Serve was founded by Geoff and Sherry Jordan who lived in South India in the early 1980s. Geoff (an industrial chemist) and Sherry (a Registered Nurse) were impacted by the widespread illness and death caused by polluted water, especially affecting young children. This prompted their filter development work which has not only created opportunities for local manufacturing and distribution, but also cooperation among community and business leaders in meeting practical needs – especially in response to natural disasters. In short, we know the land, we know the people, and we’re able to work more efficiently and effectively by focusing our attention in this region.


The need alone demands our full focus. Only 40% of India’s total population has access to improved sanitation, and only 46% in Nepal. (World Bank Data, 2015) Diarrhea kills 1.5 million Indian children under 5 years of age each year, and those who survive are weakened throughout life by frequent reoccurring diarrhea which makes them vulnerable to malnutrition and opportunistic infections such as pneumonia. (UNICEF WASH, 2014)
Water Serve is presently making a difference in India and Nepal, and is also available to partner with organizations anywhere in the world. Join us in this life-changing mission! Give the gift of life by becoming a Water Serve Partner today.